I couldn’t make a whole book out of pumpkin, so I made these instead: From L-R Connect the Dots (remix by haley.aronow), Shatter (by Unusual Suspect), Universe.1 (remix by Kubi), Tint Stories 3 cover image (by wirrow), Falling Apart (by dt.nguyen), Hello Moon (by MiroKim), We Overlap (by fryclad), Tiny Stories back cover typeset and design (by The Made Shop)

Apologies for the quality; better images will be added to the ts3 collaboration once our house is reconnected to the internet and I’m not trying to do this over cellular. Also, they do all have stories on them too, unfortunately they just won’t come out in my photos :(

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    That is really cool.
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    Found another amazing stash of Pumkin carving images.
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